Art of Sustainability

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‘Read the Gloves’

Work for the group exhibition ‘The Art of Sustainability‘ at Project space of GG3 – Global 3000 Group e.V., Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Sept 4 – Oct 2, 2020

Art of Sustainability


Plastic poetry / Poesía de plástico

Plastic letter poems from confinement April 2020.

Voy a dar                                             I´m going to turn

Otra vuelta                                         Over again

En la almohada                                 On the pillow

Me esperan otra realidad                Another reality awaits


Me has pillado                                     You got me

Aburrimiento                                       Boredom

Coma mi dia                                         Eat my day





The National Lottery

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is a national superstitious phenomenon, where even if you can’t pay rent, you can pay 20Euro for a Christmas Lotto ticket. In December 2019 I left my lotto ticket on the streets outside the lotto office, 20Euro worth in 5c coins.

Wrapped in plastic

Installation during the street arts festival C.A.L.L.E Lavapiés where the iconic pharmacy facade in Lavapiés plaza was wrapped and recreated from plastic rubbish found in the neighbourhood. The installation was for a month in May 2019. The premise behind the wrapped building was to show how our lives are consumed and contained by plastic waste and from a distance we don’t notice what we are doing

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Signage waste

This exploration began back in Rotorua aka Roto Vegas, when I was an artist in residence and invited visitors to the tourist town to create a souvenir from their own rubbish.DSC_0983.jpg

I notice that people tend to through away their rubbish at night, hidden with no one watching. But we are always being observed and monitored. Our waste consumption is under surveillance too.DSC_0447.jpg

A twist on the zona videovigilada (video surveillance zone) was the zona selfie (selfie zone) sign installed in front of an abandoned lot.

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For the national Spanish electiones in May 2019.  Voting for a party depending on how and what you recycle.

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The quest for a zero waste art practice