Signage waste

This exploration began back in Rotorua aka Roto Vegas, when I was an artist in residence and invited visitors to the tourist town to create a souvenir from their own rubbish. DSC_0983.jpg

I notice that people tend to through away their rubbish at night, hidden with no one watching. But we are always being observed and monitored. Our waste consumption is under surveillance too.DSC_0447.jpg


Bilpin Burnt Apple Project

Community driven project after the forest fires in the Blue Mountains November 2013, thanks to receiving a funded residency at the BiCi Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives in the Blue Mountains, Sydney.

Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives (BigCi)

Postcards made from scrap wood in the shapes of the two symbols associated with Bilpin, an apple, and a flame after the forest fires. These postcards were then used by community members to send to local and national politicians.


DSC_0304 DSC_0307

Anzac Cloak of Rememberance

Community project weaving 1000+ poppies from flax for the Anzac Day ceremony at the Kaiparoro Anzac Memorial Bridge. The poppies were woven by school children in the region through workshops in schools and also by descendants of local World War soldiers. The flax was locally sourced and a native vine found in reserve nearby was used for weaving the 10 metre cloak together. The cloak was laid over the bridge during a Maori ceremony, welcoming all those fallen and lost back to the area, and later people wove flowers and other anecdotes into the cloak. The cloak was then left in the reserve to biodegrade naturally.

The project was through a residency program award from the New Zealand Pacific Studio in the Wairapapa region, New Zealand

Borrie_2_Anzac-Bridge Borrie_3_Anzac-Detail

Coal Awareness Project

In a city with one of the biggest coal ports in the world, Newcastle, Australia I decided to spread some coal awareness around the city. Black boxes with woodcarvings depicting the history and possible future of coal in the area were placed along the old coal railway walkway, at the entrance to the coal port, at the museum and in front of the coal port. Inside each box was papers, crayons and coal for people to take rubbings of these woodcuts. The boxes were made from recycled salvaged wood taken from the streets of Newcastle.

The work was created during a social justice focused residency at the Backyard Bus, which is run by Emerald Violin, Newcastle, Australia

Borrie_1_Coal_Awareness DSC_1261 1.Coal Awareness Boxes

Beautiful Waste

Taking everyday waste and by changing their form, function and purpose to encourage others to rethink their relationship with waste.

The Plastic Bag Tent



The rubbish bag tent
Installation at the Biz Dojo Co Space, K Rd Auckland for WE ARE ALLRIGHT exhibition
Plastic Bag Tent
On location at Cleddau River, Fiordland National Park
The Poo Bra
Finalist in the 2012 Brancott Esate World of Wearable Arts Awards
poo necklace
Mount Somers






Post conflict of pills

After suffering from a life threatening illness I was suddenly surrounded by boxes of medication. I did not know what to do with them and I was unsure how I felt about their presence in my life, I was at conflict with the very things that had kept me alive.

The more I researched the side effects of the different types of medication I had acquired- the more concerned I felt about the correct way to dispose of them. So I created a visual representation of the side effects of all the medication in my life.

Respiratory problems_Anna BorrieItchy throat_ Anna BorrieDSC_1773DSC_1761

The quest for a zero waste art practice